Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Welcome to Singapore Escort Chics!

When making an escort booking with Singapore Escort Chics, there are some information that you need to know. Once you have chosen the escort girl whom you wish to date, call our 24/7 Singapore-based escort/massage agency's phone line. At this point, you will be given an all inclusive fee that has no hidden charges. Travelling expenses are not included in this fee as this will be separately paid upon the arrival of your escort date.

Escort bookings are on a minimal duration of an hour.

Payment Matters

Before the escort booking with Singapore Escort Chics is confirmed, you will need to inform the operator on your preferred mode of payment. You can either choose to pay by cash (Singapore Dollars or major foreign currencies), or via major credit cards. All payments must be paid to the escort upon her arrival, upfront. Discounts may be offered to those wishing to book an escort for a longer session.

What you need to know!

- We are friendly and would like to help you arrange a perfect escort date for you.

- We take only bookings by telephone, not via text.

- We will need you to follow up on your email enquiries by phone prior to your request date.

- We will not take any booking or request from you if you are intoxicated or we suspect that you are under the use of illegal drugs.

- We will not take any booking request if you insist to indulge in unsafe requests and practices which would be harmful to both our escorts and yourself.